Lucius Is Back! Release Date for Black Clover Chapter 354

Lucius Is Back! Release Date for Black Clover Chapter 354 ...

Asta and his friends made every effort to defeat him. Now, it turns out that he had the capacity to bring the dead back to life. So why would it be more difficult to kill him?

Fans will be able to catch up on additional interesting revelations in the next one. The biggest one will be about Lucius. No one knows why he is back. However, everyone knows why.

What Will Happen Next in Black Clover Chapter 354?

The following BC chapter will be titled "Judgement Day." Lucius, who is more powerful than ever, will take center stage, as he has the gift of awakening people from the dead. With this gift, all of those villains who have been troubled in the past will be brought back to life.

Yami will joke about the fact that she might as well be the Thorn Princess for everyone in the second act, but she will quickly withdraw from the media attention, thus, Black Clover Chapter 354 will come to an end with the homecoming of Lucius in the story!

Recap of a Previous Chapter

"Banquet In Full Swing," according to the title of Black Clover Chapter 353. Here, Asta explained that Asta's Anti-Magic was able to clear the clouds that had hung over their town. On the other hand, Asta met with Heath Grice to discover that Lucius now had the ability to bring people back from the dead.

Ryuya then discovers that the Black Bulls were planning to enter the Hino Country. He knew that as long as Asta was around, nothing would happen to any of them. In the last act of the chapter, there is an embarrassing sequence between Asta and Yami Ichika. He discovered that he was in the same bath as her. However, he decided to confront the situation rather than avoid it.

Release Dates for Black Clover Chapter 354 Release Date for Black Clover Chapter 354

This week's Black Clover chapter 354 isn't due to be delayed in any way. The manga's final release date will be March 19, 2023. This section will be updated as soon as there is further information on spoilers available on List23.

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