Plot, spoilers, and release date for this new Pokemon anime!

Plot, spoilers, and release date for this new Pokemon anime! ...

The latest Pokemon anime released for the fans will be the New Pokemon Anime. However, there is an additional piece of information that all avid manga readers will enjoy. That is right, the New Pokemon Anime manga is finally out. However, the designers wanted to reveal the final release date as soon as possible!

The new Pokemon Anime is the latest entry in the epic Pokemon tale. Ash and Pikachu are sure to be missed by everyone. Various theories have suggested that there may be more characters and easter eggs in the future!

New Pokemon Anime: Manga Announcement!

Fans were surprised to see the announcement in the manga's April issue. Along with this, the update states that Kei Yamadaka will be lending his expertise to the manga's writing and illustration.

What Will Be The Plot?

The confirmed plot of the new anime has not been revealed at the time of writing. However, the one thing that has already been revealed is that the show will make a final appearance against Ash and is friends. This includes Liko and Roy, as well as the game's favorite pokemon, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly.

A few other things remain unanswered questions on the internet, including Liko's hairclip, which resembles Ash's cap's design. These responses would only be revealed after the anime and manga's release.

Release Date and More Information for the New Pokemon Anime

The ultimate serialization date for the manga has been announced. And the even worse part is that fans will not have to wait much longer to catch up with the anime's release. The story also comes out in the Monthly Coro Coro Comics within a day or two.

This section will be updated as soon as more information is available. Thus, keep an eye on List23 for all of the latest news.

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