Mothers Meet! Release Date and Plot for Spy X Family Chapter 77

Mothers Meet! Release Date and Plot for Spy X Family Chapter 77 ...

The last chapter was all about the aftermath of the bus incident. Everyone is thinking about the children who witnessed real guns and bombs. So, what will mothers do to make a difference in their children's lives? It's all that we'll get in the next installment!

Fans will be able to catch up with Damian's mother and Yor in the latest film. Even Yor was not in the limelight for the longest time, but she takes the time to dominate every panel in which she is present!

What Will Happen Next in Spy X Family Chapter 77?

The title and plot details for the next chapter have not been released. However, the next chapter might also include a meeting between Yor and her mother.

Mothers will discuss what they can do in order to revert to routine. Something that might as well be traumatic for them in the future.

Recap of a Previous Chapter

Spy X Family Chapter 76 began with a regular homely conversation of the family. Both the parents were attempting to convey all of the love and joy to Anya. She went through the same thing during the terrorist incident. The teacher was on the same task here at the campus.

Loid met with the principal to discuss the mental health of his pupils. Damian was given special treatment for the first time. There was a disagreement between the students then and there. All of them wanted Damian to stand strong and stand strong in front of Anya. He made the brave decision and apologized to her.

Release Date for Spy X Family Chapter 77

The next installment of Spy X Family Chapter 77 will be released this weekend only on Viz Media, Shonen, and MangaPlus' official pages. Last but not least, keep an eye on List23 for all of the latest manga news.

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