Release Date: Kengan Omega Chapter 201: Searching Through Rohza!

Release Date: Kengan Omega Chapter 201: Searching Through Rohza! ...

Gaoh Ryuki, a well-known player in the Kengan Association, is still searching for suspects in the place. Afterwards, the whole team is in Rohza, looking for clues in the mosque. But his teammates do not approve of something like this.

Fans will be able to discover new and different information and opinions about Kiriyu's strategy in the coming stories! At the last, Ohma's final words will also be shared in the public domain the next time!

What Will Happen Next in Kengan Omega Chapter 201?

The plot details and spoilers for the next chapter have not yet been released in the public domain. Fans will have to read the chapter itself to learn more about the next chapter.

Moreover, the second half of the investigation shall look at the execution of the same plan. This team is being tracked by many individuals. They must look out for those as well. At the conclusion, the signs of finding Ryuki Gaoh shall also be seen.

Recap of a Previous Chapter

The title of Kengan Omega Chapter 200 was "The World of the Inside." The chapter began with the presentation of the warriors on the side of the barren land. Ohma and his crew could not comprehend that they were in Japan at this time. Everything from alcohol to food to commodities was right here.

Koga went on to explain why there was so much stability in Rohza. He said that people were becoming too accustomed to this lifestyle. In the last act of the chapter, Ohma suggested that he would undertake this suicide mission on his own. But Kiriyu Setsuna and Koga said that they would not allow him to go on this suicide mission.

Kengan Omega Chapter 201: When Will It Be Released?

The original Kengan Omega Chapter 201 manga is only available on Kodansha's official pages as yet!

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