Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 11: Part-Time Job Clash! Release Date

Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 11: Part-Time Job Clash! Release Date ...

The eleventh episode of Tomo Chan Is A Girl is in the works, and a conflict is in the works. So, Jun and Tomo were engaged in an exciting pursuit, which was a race. However, Tomo was injured in the process, and this became a romantic outing.

Fans will be able to catch up with Tomo as she takes her first-ever job. Later on, she may even talk with Jun about sharing more time together. Will there be a conflict between the two? Only time will tell.

What Will Happen Next When Tomo Chan Is A Girl?

The next Tomo-Chan episode is titled "First Part-Time Job" and "Tekebori no Cinderella." Both of these statements suggest that Tomo will recover in her own time. After this, they will be able to resume their normal lives.

Jun is expected to be the one who complains about not getting enough time from his loved one. So Tomo might try to come up with some strategies so that they can also have time for each other.

Recap of a Previous Episode

Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 10 had the title "To Stay Best Friends." Tomo and Junichiro were the first ones to reach the winning mark. Junichiro offered to transport Tomo to the hospital. In the next act, Junichiro recalls the first time he realizes that Tomo was a girl.

As a result of this misunderstanding, Jun ended up ignoring her for a long time. But then, they all became good friends during the school years. It was Jun's love for Tomo that led them to become such good friends in the future. But now, the boy was becoming more possessive and intimate with her for the last few days.

Release Date for Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 11

Tomo Chan Is A Girl Episode 11 will be released on March 16, 2023 only. Please keep an eye on List23 for further information.

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