Tatsumaki Vs. Saitama Round 2 in One Punch Man Chapter 182!

Tatsumaki Vs. Saitama Round 2 in One Punch Man Chapter 182! ...

The latest OPM chapters have been dominating the internet one after the other. And unlike the ones that were released months ago, these chapters are released on a timely schedule. So now, the next chapter in line for the week is One Punch Man Chapter 182. This has allowed for the second one to begin soon.

What Will Happen Next in One Punch Man Chapter 182?

The fight between Tatsumaki and Saitama will continue in the next act once more, as described in the previous chapter. Saitama was unable to participate to the highest of his knowledge and power. However, Tatsumaki had the courage to promise him that she would prevail over him if she wanted to.

One Punch Man Chapter 182 will kick off with the first punch. However, Saitama will hold back his strikes once more. Thus, there are less chances that he would use all of his powers in the next one.

Everybody believes that he was the one who fought and put an end to Garou's reign. But he did nothing but watched as a spectator. Even here, he would be doing the same errands.

Recap of a Previous Chapter!

One Punch Man Chapter 181 was named "Scalp Friction." The chapter started with a Sweet Mask conversation with Saitama. Tatsumaki was told that they should not be returning because they were not on the same path again. He was soon taken back to the Railway Lines by another villain.

Saitama ended up falling into his own shurikens due to a mistake made by Tatsumaki. They all had returned home. Tatsumaki was there to test him out. She wanted to know how powerful she was. The lady then informs Saitama that he would not live long if forced to fight full force.

The chapter then turns to the headquarters of the Hero Association. Here, Fubuki tells the group that she no longer wanted to be a part of them. At the end, King is again here to witness the fight between Saitama and Tatsumaki! The following subhead gives the final release date of the new OPM.

Release Date for One Punch Man Chapter 182

The final release date for the new chapter has not been announced in the public domain. However, judging from the running schedule, fans can be assured that One Punch Man Chapter 182 will arrive shortly enough. The highest bets are set for the second week of April. Thus, keep an eye on List23 for all updates.

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