Yorus Courage in Chainsaw Man Chapter 123! Release Date

Yorus Courage in Chainsaw Man Chapter 123! Release Date ...

The one chapter fans are excited to catch up on this week is Chainsaw Man Chapter 123. The good news about this is that the next installment will not be delayed. Even the last chapter was brilliant enough to leave a cliffhanger worth waiting for.

Fans will be able to catch up with interesting new revelations in the following storyline. The significance of the prophecy in the recent storyline is unclear right now. However, the cards will be unveiled when it is appropriate!

What Happened Next in Chainsaw Man Chapter 123?

The title and plot details of the new book have not yet been released in the public domain. However, Yoru was surprised to discover that so many of the people were killing themselves in the last act of the chapter. This has not been clarified. There are many theories here and there.

But what emerged from the pile of dead bodies was something she could possibly not contain. Yoru ran away in the last act of the previous one. However, Chainsaw Man is not the kind of hero who would shy away from confronting trouble like this. The hero is bound to be there to rescue the world in the blink of an eye.

Recap of a Previous Chapter

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122 was called "The Prophecies." Fami went to a restaurant because she felt she had ordered something too big for herself. And so, the man tells Fami about the "Prophecy of Nostradamus." This idea predicted that human existence would come to an end in July 1999. And as a result, Public Safety concluded 30 deals with the Future Devil.

Fumi learns that the rest of seven people will die this week. But for some reason, they make the decision to die because living was just too expensive. The chapter comes to an end with Yoru seeing all of these people dying one after the other.

Release Date for Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 Release Dates for Chainsaw Man Chapter 123

Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 will be released on the official websites of Shonen, MangaPlus, and Viz Media for the last three days. At last, keep an eye on List23 for all of the latest news.

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