Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 127: 002s Next Plan! Release Date, and More

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 127: 002s Next Plan! Release Date, and More ...

The release of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 127 is not a problem for Ijin. Not only that, but his house was also harmed by bullies. But there was a lot of work done in the previous chapter.

The next storyline will take the arcs back to 002. This is a long-term storyline that will take some time to perfect. And the end will come with the death of one of these two. What are your highest bets for the next one?

What Happened Next in Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 127?

The boy said in the final scene of the last episode that he would build a snack bar after his mother. However, she had to continue working at the grocery store because of all of her financial difficulties. Only after this, we will be able to recapture Ijin and all of what he is doing in his life.

Agent 002's arc has yet to be revealed. From his family to his whereabouts, he now knows everything about him. But the one thing that he still wants to know is about Ijin's past. More answers will be revealed in the next chapter, Mercenary Enrollment!

Recap of a Previous Chapter

The students realized that the Lunch Break was nearly over and that Yungchan would not be returning to the class in the following scene. He replied that he would keep his mother in place due to his illness. The boy went on to think about his school, high school, and university all at the same time.

Yungchan saw his phone and saw as many texts from his friends. Some people tried to sue him as he went back to school. Jaehyung was right there to assist him. In the last act, Yungchan decided to sit for a conversation with his mother. He also decided what he wanted to pursue in life.

Release Date for Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 127

The latest release of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 127 has been announced no longer. This chapter will be available in the next two days, with the final release date being March 11, 2023. All chapters of the manhwa will be available only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage.

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