My Hero Academia Chapter 383: A Two-Week Break! Release Date, Price, and More

My Hero Academia Chapter 383: A Two-Week Break! Release Date, Price, and More ...

The next chapter of My Hero Academia will be delayed for a long time this time, as indicated in the title itself. And, to add to the inconvenience, the sequel to this one is yet to be released.

Fans will be able to follow all of the new heroes' interesting moves in the future plot. After a long time, Red Riot has returned. Thus, his presence will boost the spirits of many of the fighters.

What Will Happen Next in My Hero Academia Chapter 383?

The spoilers of the previous chapter have also been pushed ahead. So now, the next chapter will look at Red Riot and Hitoshi's fight. These two have been out of the spotlight for the longest time. Thus, it will be interesting to see what new attacks they have brought.

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 contains a number of action sequences. As the break comes to an end, the plot details will also be provided in this section.

Recap of a Previous Chapter

My Hero Academia Chapter 382's title was "Don't Let Him Go." These were the heroes who were attacked by the Twice Doubles. Other copies of Tomura, Dabu, and All For One were also coming to attack them. On the other hand, Himiko had managed to become one of the attackers from her own team. However, no one was able to recognize her.

On the other hand, Dark Shadow was able to hold a hold on All For One. However, the villain managed to free himself and launch his own attacks. Gigantomachia had joined Red Riot and Hitoshi in the previous act of the chapter. Now is the time to bring the bigger battle to a standstill!

Release Dates for My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Release Date for My Hero Academia Chapter 383

My Hero Academia Chapter 383's creators were quick to inform fans about a break in this production. At the time of writing, no such break has been mentioned. This article will be updated as soon as more information becomes available.

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