Teams' performance has improved, resource consumption has decreased, and the interface has become simpler. Microsoft has completely overhauled Teams' design

Teams' performance has improved, resource consumption has decreased, and the interface has become si ...

Microsoft provided a sneak peek at a fundamentally overhauled Teams app today. The new Microsoft Teams app should be three times faster, and starting or joining meetings should be twice as fast. The interface has been completely overhauled, according to Microsoft.

"The new Teams app is faster, simpler, and more flexible than ever before," said Sumi Singh, Microsoft Teams engineering senior vice president. "We have made significant improvements in performance and usability. New Teams is two times faster with 50% less resources."

Microsoft has certainly listened to feedback that Teams is slow, clings to your laptop battery quickly, and is resource-intensive. It did everything it could to get the job done years ago, but had to continually expand it in order to keep up with the increasing demand from millions of new users every day.

The existing Microsoft Teams client has been moved to the React platform, although it does not use all of Angular JS. That is, the application loaded two JavaScript frameworks at the same time, which made it slow and resource-intensive. Now Microsoft has completely moved to the Microsoft Edge WebView2 technology and the React JavaScript library. These include the color palette and the translucency in the interface. Teams automatically switches to dark mode, group profile images, and themes.

Changes in Microsoft Teams are being created.

Microsoft has also implemented a number of very useful improvements, such as a simplified switching between accounts, a new drop-down menu, and the ability to change the color of videos in presentations.

Microsoft Teams accounts can be managed.

The new Teams client is positioned as Microsoft's future work with the Copilot AI assistant and other AI-powered functions. Teams will now have a chatbot that will retrieve data and information from Microsoft 365 services and apps.

Microsoft Teams' Copilot AI Assistant

Microsoft has closed testing avatars running on the Mesh platform, adding a new lighting system to enhance the appearance of the avatar's skin and hair. Mesh is a collaborative platform using virtual avatars from the AltspaceVR social virtual reality platform acquired by Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams' avatars are completely customizable.

When using Teams emoji, avatars will animate based on the user's voice and whether or not yours is raised. Microsoft is also partnering with Meta* to develop VR for Teams with Quest headsets so people may conduct VR meetings with 3D avatars.

After testing and user feedback, the new Microsoft Teams client will be available in preview today. You may then switch back to the Teams desktop app if required.

The pre-release version of Teams is only available to commercial users and has some limitations in terms of functionality – it does not have access to third-party applications or business applications, and some advanced calling features and advanced meeting capabilities are not currently available. Microsoft intends to release the new version of Teams to schools, government, and virtualization platforms this year.

* Included in the list of public associations and religious organizations for which the court reached a final decision to liquidate or ban activities on the grounds provided for by Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25, 2002 "On countering extremist activity."

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