ChatGPT is being run by an avid user on a 39-year-old IBM MS-DOS machine

ChatGPT is being run by an avid user on a 39-year-old IBM MS-DOS machine ...

Yo Kheng Meng, a software developer and retro computer enthusiast, bribed the gap between a 39-year-old IBM computer and a modern ChatGPT chatbot. An enthusiast wondered if he could program a ChatGPT client under MS-DOS and run it on a 1984 IBM 5155 with a 4.77MHz Intel 8088 processor and 640KB of RAM.

ChatGPT is typically accessible via a web browser, although the current trend is towards different AI access clients. Some customers are quite specific, such as enthusiasts who created a smart watch with ChatGPT based on the Raspberry Pi. However, integrating ChatGPT on a truly ancient PC is an even more difficult undertaking.

Meng ran the Open Watcom C/C++ compiler, which was able to bridge the roughly 40-year gap between the target computer and ChatGPT. Testing the DOS program during development was performed on a virtual machine (DOS 6.22 running in Virtualbox) on a modern PC.

Maine used the ChatGPT Chat Completion API created by Michael B. Brutman to connect to this API, but the developer had to "manually write the whole POST request in C."

The developer's blog provides additional information on several other difficulties.

Since its introduction late last year, OpenAI's ChatGPT has exploded in the tech world and beyond. This has sparked a fierce new rivalry between tech giants like Google and Microsoft, highlighted the limitations and opportunities of artificial intelligence, and spurred a real boom in related fields of knowledge.

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