New State Mobile: The March update adds a new Arena mode to PUBG

New State Mobile: The March update adds a new Arena mode to PUBG ...

In March, PUBG: New State will receive a fresh update. Players in the Battle Royale shooter can anticipate a new mode.

New State Mobile players on iOS and Android may now download the new March update. The arena mode "KA-BOOM!!" is a fundamentally more traditional round-robin deathmatch experience for the Arena map, but with a focus on grenade launchers and missiles. Friendly fire is disabled.

The mode also introduces a powerful Red Zone Launcher, which is more powerful than regular grenade launchers, as well as destructible terrain except for spawn points and other central areas. Falling into ruined terrain will result in immediate elimination from the round, so you'll need to move carefully to survive in this explosive environment.

Optimization measures include a guaranteed Mesta Muscle Car spawn for quick escapes, a greater likelihood of multi-supply packs dropping customization kits and flare guns, and a timing adjustment for the first phase of the Blue Zone.

The new weapon 12-gauge sawn-off shotgun for powerful close-range damage as well as the Vol. 17 Survivor Pass, which includes Maria Gayle of the Mayhem faction, give you their face skin when you complete story missions. The Premium Pass unlocks Maria Gayle's costume set.

Trailer for PUBG: New State

The new battle royale title PUBG: New State is now available.

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