Fallout 4 is now a real RPG thanks to an amazing mod

Fallout 4 is now a real RPG thanks to an amazing mod ...

Portal PCGamesN discovered that in March for Fallout 4, a significant overhaul was made that transforms one of Bethesda's most controversial roles-playing game, the dialogue system.

Recall that most gamers and even developers disliked the ways to communicate with Fallout 4 characters: the four answer options were considered to be primitive and limited the ability to play the role.

ProfMajowski's expanded dialogue (RED) mod for Roleplayer is designed to extend the dialogue from the original Fallout 4 and take into account the character's decisions and traits during conversations.

The character's charisma was crucial to Fallout 4, since he was a ruthless badass, a brilliant nuclear scientist, a cannibal, or a strong but stupid bum. This is addressed in the mod.

RED contains more than 300 lines (including for a hero with low intelligence). These new lines of dialogue are voiced using ElevenLabs' AI, which may seem "nearly emotionless."

With the release last week of the "beta" update 2.5, which includes new characters for the Lone Wanderer (Fallout 3 protagonist) and Courier (New Vegas), the game was released in early March.

The Extended Dialogue Interface mod for Roleplayer's Expanded Dialogue requires Fallout 4, including the three main DLCs (Far Harbor, Nuka World, Automatron) as well as the Extended Dialogue Interface mod. RED is currently only available in English, German, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

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