Seasons 4 and 6 of Overwatch 2 will introduce new support heroes

Seasons 4 and 6 of Overwatch 2 will introduce new support heroes ...

Season 3 of Overwatch 2 is still underway, but clearly inside Blizzard's offices the developers are already thinking about their free-to-play multiplayer shooter's future, which envisages the arrival of two new support heroesone in Season 4 and the other in Season 6.

Aaron Keller, the game's director, disclosed this fact in a lengthy post on the game's official website, in which he also talked about the improvements made by the developers, which have improved their survivability and usefulness.

Keller said the enhancement of Support heroes' passive ability and adaptation of specific heroes' shields "have significantly improved their survivability." Others, like the changes to Mercy's Guardian Angel, are far beyond our expectations (although they will be partially corrected in Season 4)."

"We think that the role of the support hero has improved greatly since the release, but we will continue to improve it as two new heroes are added with Season 4 and Season 6."

The Overwatch 2 game director did not reveal any further details about the upcoming new support heroes, but we should not have to wait long as Season 4 is scheduled to launch in the first half of April.

One-Punch Man may join Overwatch 2 crossover event until April 6, 2023.

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