De Caperucita a loba, the funny Spanish comedy that shows us our most displeasing side of love, is being criticised

De Caperucita a loba, the funny Spanish comedy that shows us our most displeasing side of love, is b ...

De Caperucita a loba, a Spanish comedy based on the book De Caperucita a loba en solo seis tos, will be released next week. Both are written by Marta González de Vega.

Marta, a woman who breaks the fourth wall, tells us about her romantic life and how she evolved from a Little Red Riding Hood to a She-wolf.

A Little Red Riding Hood is a person who has experienced various ridiculous situations and lived pathos in love, while a wolf is one who takes advantage of each unpleasant situation in love to become stronger than herself.

Marta will go through a lot of traumatic experiences until she learns to recognize and confront reality. where he will discover that laughter arises from drama and power springs from laughter.

A funny comedy for women... but also for men


From Little Red Riding Hood to Loba, the trailer for the film, will be released on April 5 in theaters.

From Little Hood to Wolf may seem to be a film geared primarily towards female viewers. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the male audience has a place to enjoy this feature film.

All of us, in some degree or other, can identify with some of the situations depicted in the film, from the viewpoint of the different types of guys represented in the tape or even from the viewpoint of the protagonist.

It's true that many of the jokes in the film are somewhat sloppy and are considered clichés, but they arise for a reason, and De Caperucita a loba captures very well the everyday situations that arise when you look at the stereotypical men.

We have always experienced these topics firsthand in our society, either because we ourselves have done it at some point in our lives (whether or not we have been aware of it) or because we have experienced it in our environment with a family member or friend.

From the Little Hood to the Wolf is a comedy that mirrors, as satire, situations that demonstrate to us that at some point we all have been this disgruntled and that it is time to laugh at it and learn from our own mistakes.


Without the wide cast that enlivens the already enjoyable 93-minute film, Marta González de Vega stands out in her leading role in humorous situations.

Berto Romero, David Guapo, José Mota, Melania Urbina, Antonio Resines, and Elena Irureta are all actors with very good portrayals, all of whom we will laugh on many occasions, although with some we will forget that they appear more on screen (like Resins, for example).

From Little Red Riding Hood to the Wolf will surely make you laugh more than once and rekindle your interest in reading the novel and seeing Marta González de Vega's live performance if you were not familiar with the story or the play.

From Little Red Riding Hood to Wolf, you'll find a fun film with a good cast, in which you'll enjoy such cool scenes as the "unicorn" ride in full Gran Va of Madrid.

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