Keanu Reeves grew up to be a billiard expert

Keanu Reeves grew up to be a billiard expert ...

Fans are attempting to remember if there is anything in the actor who doesn't excel.

Keanu Reeves, an actor, showed off his other talents: he seems to like billiards. Nicolas Cage mentioned Reeves' ability to handle a cue – he and Keanu – from time to time.

Reeves managed to unpleasantly surprise him with his skill level at an earlier time, according to Cage. However, this does not prevent the actors from becoming friends.

Fans began to question whether or not Reeves does bad things in the comments (this was during a Q&A session), and he drives (and fixes) motorcycles very well.

It appears that Reeves himself never spoke out about his fascination with billiards.

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