Intel will double your graphics card's performance!

Intel will double your graphics card's performance! ...

Despite everything that has been said about Intel's efforts in the world of graphics cards, the truth is that the microprocessor giant continues to research its intentions to become the third major 'player' in the market. Just look at their drivers over the last few months, as well as their plans for the new generation of Intel Arc graphics cards, which they now refer to as "Battlemage!"

Intel will double the number of processors on each GPU, increase the cache, and of course, use TSMC's 4nm processor. The issue is waiting time...

Intel decided to focus on more wallet-friendly graphics cards, focused on the mid-range, that is, for the masses, and that will change with the next major release. The Intel Arc Battlemage will make many improvements, making Intel a better prepared for the market.

In fact, the most powerful GPU in the new gama of graphics cards (BMG-G10) will already attempt to beat the best offers from AMD and NVIDIA. Of course, it will still not be a competitor to the RTX 4090 (AD102). However, it will already knock the foot down to the RTX 4080 (AD103).

The GPU frequency will increase to 3GHz thanks to a completely redone memory system.

Nevertheless, the wait is too long. After all, these graphics cards will only be released in the first year of release by Intel. The only interesting development in the graphics market by the hands of the current Arc Alchemist, called Alchemist +.

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