Destiny 2: A deceased actor may still be there in the future

Destiny 2: A deceased actor may still be there in the future ...

Jasmin Beverungen | 03/27/2023 - 1:34 p.m.

Lance Reddick was only 60 years old when he played Commander Zavala in Destiny. The development studio now wants to pay him the due respect.

Lance Reddick, who died a few weeks ago, was a well-known actor who also played Commander Zavala in Horion Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. As the Bungie development team has announced on its blog, the actor will remain until his death.

Lance Reddick is staying with Destiny.

Bungie stated that the studio intends to honor Reddick in future games. This has not been revealed by the development team. Possibly Commander Zavala might play a bigger role, or alternatively a new NPC related to Reddick might be introduced.

Many Destiny players gathered outside Commander Zavala's office in the tower to pay their respects to Reddick. There they saluted the NPC and sat quietly together to pay their respects.

Bungie lauds Reddick for bringing Commander Zavala to life via his voice. His distinct voice, which was filled with power, composure, and nobleness, was highlighted by the development studio.

The group is profoundly sorry for the loss of the voice actor, but at the same time grateful for the opportunity they had to spend together. Thoughts are mostly with his friends and family.

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Lance Reddick, a 60-year-old actor, died at his home in California. Nothing is publicly revealed about the cause of his death. He was well-known for his roles in video games as well as in several films.

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