A piece of Twitter sources was leaked

A piece of Twitter sources was leaked ...

Now the company is looking for the source of the leak.

A portion of Twitter's source code was leaked — an unknown person placed them on GitHub. This information became public as a result of legal papers sent by the company to GitHub.

Twitter representatives demanded that GitHub remove the published sources, which was done, as well as that the company's lawyers disclose the information of the person who published the source code.

Twitter wants to know who downloaded the published source code.

According to The New York Times' sources, Twitter is conducting an internal investigation into the incident. The company believes that a former employee leaked the information; he isn't named, although it is assumed that this individual worked at Twitter in 2022.

This is a fairly broad description for Twitter. During 2022, several thousand employees left the company: they resigned or were fired after it was bought by wealthy Elon Musk.

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