Connected home: this 109 kit has transformed my life, and I believe you are overly ignoring it

Connected home: this 109 kit has transformed my life, and I believe you are overly ignoring it ...

First and foremost, let's highlight the incredible promotion that was applied today at Rue du Commerce. Again this morning, Amazon was offering the same price for a similar pack, but the king of e-commerce's stocks melted in just a few hours!

At Rue du Commerce, you may get the Phlips Hue starter pack for €109.99.

You'll find:

Three Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance bulbs with an E27 base are an excellent connection bridge for your bulbs to your internet box.

A pack like this would cost around 180€ without promotion. This €60, or 39% off the normal price, is truly remarkable. I know it very well: I check prices often to make gifts.

Yes, this purchase has fundamentally altered my everyday life, and it is likely the most costly tech investment I've ever made.

Philips Hue are unanimously voted the finest smart bulbs on the market:

A constant and powerful lightOf the particularly well-finished goods that exude premiumOne ultra-wide range...

Philips Hues products are quite costly compared to the competition, as shown by the Chinese tycoon Xiaomi. Fortunately, there are occasional discounts, such as the one I saw this morning, that allow you to equip yourself at a reduced price.

Philips Hue: Here's why the finest smart bulbs changed my life.

Everything we refer to as "home automation" or "home automation" or "home automation" that combine to make your home a connected house. Today, we use the term "connected" for almost everything and anything. I know it, but I also have a washing machine that works completely without internet functions.

Despite the fact that there are a myriad of useless connected objects, smart bulbs represent a minor shift. It's quite logical to think about light as an important component of our daily lives. Strangely, this topic is no longer of interest at all when artificial light is replaced by the sun at nightfall.

Four major advantages of connected bulbs are

Vary the colors of lightRemotely manage all your lightingConsume a little less electricity, like any LED bulb

Before I had connected lights, I didn't realize how much light an evening a Netflix evening brought, a neon mood for an afternoon game, or a soft yellow light to relax my eyes before sleep... it didn't matter. They don't seem to be that great, but they make my everyday life much more enjoyable.

And then, it must be said, never having to get up again to press a switch is a real pleasure. From a command to a voice assistant or a quick manipulation on my iPhone, everything lights up, everything turns off, everything changes. Some will argue that Wall-E is becoming a dangerously close reality. The vacuum cleaner while the broom exists?

The effect of these 109€ on your everyday life is stupendous. At least on mine and on all of the people to whom I gave this gift.

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