Huawei Nova 11 is the smartphone that will transform the mid-range with this capability

Huawei Nova 11 is the smartphone that will transform the mid-range with this capability ...

Huawei is now promoting the new P60 and Mate X3, but there appears to be more good news on the way.

The Chinese brand will soon release the Nova 11 series, which will revolutionize the mid-range by incorporating Kunlun glass and satellite communications.

Huawei Nova 11 extends the mid-range smartphone segment with premium features.

The Huawei Nova 10 was the first in the series to include a front camera with 60 megapixel resolution Crédito@Huawei.

Huawei introduced a number of new features last week, including the new P60 and Mate XS smartphones, as well as the Ultimate smartwatch, and the first headphones with sensors for monitoring temperature and heart rate.

The Chinese brand is already planning a new model that will revolutionize the mid-range smartphone segment. Soon, the new Nova 11 series will be launched, featuring tough Kunlun glass, and, better yet, satellite communication.

Classmateguan, a Chinese leaker, reveals the information on the social network Weibo. The leaker claims that the series is on track to launch very soon, at least on the Chinese market.

Huawei claims that Kunlun glass has a microcrystalline glass technology that increases the material's resistance to a new, much stronger level, but it appears that Huawei is planning to change that habit.

Huawei believes that the mid-range segment will also benefit from these types of features when it launches the Nova 11 series.

According to previously disclosed information, the smartphone family will debut three new terminals: the Nova 11, Nova 11 Pro, and Nova 11 Ultra. However, it is unclear whether all of these models will include satellite connectivity and Kunlun glass, or just the most powerful smartphones.

Other features for the Huawei Nova 11 are expected.

Other sources claim that the Nova 11 series will have a primary sensor that is quite large in its rear camera configuration. However, no one has increased the size or resolution of this component.

Remember that the Nova 10 series was the first to include a 60-megapixel front camera, and it is likely that the brand will continue to invest in providing excellent photographic arguments to this family.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor is expected to power the Nova 11 family, which is currently considered to be the most advanced models of the brand.

Huawei is clearly interested in bringing several premium features to the mid-range segment that offers models at a lower price.

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