In chapter 3, what are the vipers in the peddlers' order in Resident Evil 4?

In chapter 3, what are the vipers in the peddlers' order in Resident Evil 4? ...

A large number of new secondary missions have been included in Resident Evil 4, including one that you can begin doing once you have found a snake.

To complete one of those requests in a secondary mission, we will need three snakes in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The vipers have been scattered throughout Resident Evil 4's map, and it is very easy for us to overlook them, since they are usually not very attractive on stage.

So, we give you a list of all of the villains in Resident Evil 4 Remake, so that you may complete this side quest.


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Where are the vipers in the peddler's order in Resident Evil 4?

Next to the save station, you will meet a merchant who will assist you in a side quest for a series of snakes.

Basically, you have to retrace your steps, find three vipers, and sell them to the merchant.

The first viper is very close by, a few steps from the merchant at the entrance to the Town Hall.

To find the hidden Viper, you must go south of the church toward the quarry. You will have to cross several wooden planks suspended in the air. There will be a small shack on the left with a red explosive barrel.

Then there are a couple of snakes in the area of the fish farm, where we must find gasoline to start the boat and thus cross the lake in chapter 3, and another one will be seen slithering across the wooden piers.

Once you have all three vipers, you must return them to the merchant, who will redeem the spinels for special items.

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