This Amazon bestseller is priced less 600 for a connected robot vacuum cleaner

This Amazon bestseller is priced less 600 for a connected robot vacuum cleaner ...

This robotic vacuum cleaner is an ideal solution to delegate this tedious task while preserving a clean and healthy interior. Some of these robot vacuums are inexpensive but also highly finished, as is the case of this Amazon reference.

By checking out the discount coupon on Amazon, you can get the ECOVACS robot vacuum cleaner for 899€.

The ECOVACS robot vacuum cleaner was initially offered for €1499, but this was before considering this double promotion.

He lost 400€ going from 1499€ to 1099€, then in a second time, a -200€ coupon is available, so you only pay 899€ on Amazon.

A connected robotic vacuum that cleans your house independently

This ECOVACS robot is a high-end vacuum cleaner. Designed around a powerful motor with a remarkable suction force of 5000pa max, it is ideal for picking up all kinds of dirt on the floor, including dust, small debris, and animal hair.

A 3 liter dust tank as well as a 4 liter water tank are also included, allowing you to quickly switch from dry cleaning to wet cleaning. It also has a main roller brush to keep dirt from getting everywhere in your house. It also has a charging and emptying station from which it can leave on its own.

The robot itself is completely self-driving and has motion and obstacle sensors that allow it to easily navigate your house, avoiding obstacles and going around obstacles. It also has an intelligent mapping system that remembers your home layout for efficient and fast cleaning.

Note that it is also possible to control him from your smartphone with the dedicated app, allowing you to plan cleaning or check his autonomy. You may even give him commands using the integrated voice command by saying "Ok Yiko" and monitor his journey using video chat.

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