Ashava, the beta world boss in Diablo IV, is destroyed by hardcore enthusiasts

Ashava, the beta world boss in Diablo IV, is destroyed by hardcore enthusiasts ...

Blizzard should be quite content with the Diablo IV beta due to the long lines. At least in terms of player numbers. Unsurprisingly, some hardcore fans have already demonstrated their abilities. Ashava, the world's toughest boss, was probably not tough enough for them, so they beat him up solo.

The Diablo IV open beta is live until tonight, 9:00 p.m. German time. Here you can raise your characters to level 25 and play the first act to your heart's content. In the end, the world boss Ashava is a tough task waiting for you.

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At least that's how the Blizzard developers planned it. The community demonstrated once again on the weekend what it's made of. Because apparently Ashava was a bit too easy for some players. Activating hardcore mode added a little more thrill. This brings permadeath into play: if your hero dies even once, it is a scythe.

Streamer wudijo even went so far as killing Ashava not just once with his level 25 hunter, but twice. Both in hardcore mode and alone.

Hunter builds appear to be popular against Ashava. Vidjereii, a professional footballer, used this class to get back on track in under three minutes.

From June 6, 2023, it's always amazing what a dedicated community can accomplish. We're also curious to see what Diablo lovers will announce on this day.

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