This Dev Studio loves Xbox Game Pass, and we were shocked by the numbers

This Dev Studio loves Xbox Game Pass, and we were shocked by the numbers ...

This Dev Studio loves Xbox Game Pass, according to Game News "We Were Incredibly Surprised" with the numbers.

Published on 03/27/2023 at 12:35

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Microsoft gave the floor to Descenders, Hypnospace Outlaw, Yes Your Grace, and Let's Build a Zoo for the first time.

Microsoft's win-win proposition

On the development side, the Game Pass has more or less articulate defenders. Mike Rose is one of our owes of titles such as Descenders, Let's Build a Zoo, and Soccer Story. He has already articulated that the Game Pass is now part of the business model of the teams that develop it.

Mike Rose was invited by Microsoft to speak about the No More Robots service. After delivering a dozen games to the online catalog, the co-founder is beginning to understand the Game Pass basics. "It has been very important for some of our games, especially Descenders," says the co-founder.

Mike Rose adds that the number of players has enabled his teams to focus on his titles' post-launch content, such as Descenders, which continues to receive updates. "The Game Pass just became enormous for every game we put on it."

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"What?Thanks to the Game Pass's advantages

Let's Build a Zoo, based on animal conservation and respect for the environment, was added to the Game Pass last year, allowing the player to create new races (1 million possibilities are mentioned).

No more Robots' co-founder addresses a rarely discussed – and quantified – aspect about Game Pass games: the way in which players consume DLC for apps they do not own. "We had no idea, and we wanted to know," he adds in the video.

Mike Rose claims that when he looked at the number of players who only purchased the DLC vs. the number of players who purchased the base game, the result seemed illogical: the players who bought the DLC were 3.8 times more likely to buy the game. 'We've seen four times as many people pay for the DLC than those who paid for the game,' says the author.

The developer became interested in another aspect of Game Pass, which is the surge in sales of extensions. “On Xbox, it was around 90%, so an attach rate of around 90%. What? Thanks to the Game Pass's advantages”.

Mike Rose admits that player feedback helped him improve his mouse-based game, which is normally designed for video games. The company has announced that at least six new games will be released in Microsoft's service in the coming 18 months.

A proposal for Xbox Game Pass

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