The LG V60 now has an Android 13 update

The LG V60 now has an Android 13 update ...

LG is out of the smartphone game on the consumer side, which means that they will no longer be making and selling their own phones (although they will sell components to other manufacturers).

LG appears to be doing a good job of ensuring that older LG phones will be offered at an increase in value. According to a Reddit post, T-Mobile customers who own the LG V60 are now informed that the Android 13 update is now available for their phones.

This shouldn't be too surprising because LG had promised at least three years of major OS upgrades, and the LG V60 indeed meets those requirements, so this was definitely to be expected. At the same time, we wouldn't have been surprised if LG had not followed through.

The LG V60 is being updated by T-Mobile, so if you received the phone from other providers, then you'll have to wait your turn, which is usually quite short, but better late than never!

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