Microsoft has taken down one introductory offer for Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has taken down one introductory offer for Xbox Game Pass ...

Microsoft has decided to phase out the Xbox Game Pass, which previously offered to be tested for a month for only one euro. This offer has been canceled. It is referring to future marketing initiatives.

Microsoft wants to make the Xbox Game Pass a key component of its current Xbox strategy, both financially and through the numerous acquisitions in recent years.

Whether or not including all new first-party games in a subscription system is economically feasible, in fact Sony with PlayStation Plus, which has been offered in three phases since last year but only includes new releases, has a more viable program.

Instead of a set price, marketing campaigns are employed.

Microsoft is making the first adjustments to the pricing system, which will depend on whether or not it can help Xbox Game Pass achieve a Netflix-like market position. For example, it initially did not ask for more money for the regular subscription, but instead canceled the offer that gave gamers access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a month for only one euro.

In the future, this introductory price will no longer apply. Players must pay either 9.99 euros for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass or 14.99 euros for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

However, there may be future marketing campaigns that will make the Xbox Game Pass subscription more affordable.

"We've put a halt on our previous Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass introductory offer, and we're considering other marketing opportunities for new members in the future," said Kari Perez, Xbox's global communications director.

The company initially left it open when it came to the end of its marketing campaigns. However, due to Microsoft's gaming strategy's central importance, it is possible to assume that there will be one or the other lucrative offer for gamers.

Despite this, Xbox players on the forums are concerned about upgrading to an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, which would save you money even further.

For the time being, there is no intention of a price increase.

Microsoft has stated that it will not hike the price of Xbox Game Pass for the time being, as the company has recently indicated. The issue surrounding the inclusion of Call of Duty games in Game Pass, which is expected after the acquisition of Activision Blizzard

According to the Redmonder's assessment, a price rise might be counterproductive, as players may withdraw from Game Pass immediately after playing Call of Duty extensive after its release. The discontinuation of the one euro offer may also be a result of this assessment.

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The likelihood of Call of Duty being included in Xbox Game Pass largely depends on Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The deal was announced in the last Regulatory Opinions.

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