This content has also been taken for a reality show, and there is no turning back in the way it is landed

This content has also been taken for a reality show, and there is no turning back in the way it is l ...

Despite what we may think, reality shows have proven to be an indisputable hook for viewers on television and, now, streaming. Netflix is making good use of shows of this type that stand out among its series.

I'm Georgina, the original Netflix reality show about Georgina Rodriguez's life, has had a good show this week, which has boosted its popularity once more with its second season.

The Netflix series follows Cristiano Ronaldo's life as an influencer, businesswoman, mother, and partner, from the most public and well-known aspects to his most intimate and personal.

This figure proves that the Spanish public has a wide range of tastes for a certain type of content that may not be the first thing that comes to many of us when we think about production. original from a platform like Netflix.

On Netflix Spain, Season 2 of I'm Georgina has surpassed its potential.

The general public loves this type of content, whether contest-type, or the Spanish version of Traitors that premiered on HBO Max a few months ago.

When we think of Netflix, many of us may think of shows such as Stranger Things, Wednesday, or Cobra Kai, but this type of programming broadens the platform's scope.

To be able to verify the effectiveness of Netflix's Soy Georgina return this Wednesday, we'll have the official audience data.

In 2023, the number of original Netflix content sales in the country is expected to increase, with series as berlinthe prequel to The Money Heistor Up to the sky: The series is among the platform's first premieres.

Despite the controversial new rule on sharing our Netflix account, the platform is continuing to pursue its objectives for this year, in the hope that these new approaches will succeed.

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