Chris Avellone: Disputes over Sexual Harm

Chris Avellone: Disputes over Sexual Harm ...

Two women filed a lawsuit against video game designer Chris Avellone in 2020. The claim was sexual harassment as a result of abuse of power. He has now been cleared of the allegations and is receiving substantial compensation.

Chris Avellone, who designed and wrote many genre classics, should be known to every casual observer. For more information, see his Other Works, or check out his Pathfinder: Kingmaker book.

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Avellone was exposed to a lot of abuse from several angles in 2020. The allegations aren't difficult to digest either; he allegedly forced female visitors to drink at various parties to exploit their insanity.

The reputation of Avellone was damaged enormously as a result of the allegations, and Techland promptly terminated their involvement with him in Dying Light 2. Two women in particular made the allegations.

Avellone is in no way guilty and has received a seven-figure sum in compensation, as he also pays his legal expenses.

Karissa Barrows and Kelly Rae Bristol claim that Avellone misinterpreted their statements. They simply wanted to show their commitment to women in the business. Avellone deserves a "full return" to the profession, and they want him to receive their full support.

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