Season 1 of Sky High (2023) Review An unnecessary sequel that has no purpose or direction

Season 1 of Sky High (2023) Review An unnecessary sequel that has no purpose or direction ...

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Sky High: The Series is a sequel to the same name released in 2020, although it does not contain any of those four words.

Sky High: The Series has a number of features that make it a reprehensible and frustrating program. Old and new characters lack significant motivations and do not invest the viewer in the story. Worst of all, Sky High believes its formulaic approach is infallible.

As we see the saga of Angel's death, Sole (Asia Ortega), his widow, is determined to take over Angel's smash-and-grab gang. Her father Rogelio (Luis Tosar) rejects Sole and becomes even more angry when Mercedes (Patricia Vico), his lying and manipulative former lawyer, joins Sole's ranks. Rosa (Alana del Jeque) joins Sole's ranks as we see the s

The cinematography in Sky High, which evoked a sense of isolation and serenity, provided the film's key ingredients. Its most powerful aspect, however, was its stylish cinematography, which captured the city's stunning skyline in a subtle manner.

The presentation of Fernan and Sole's romantic quotient sounded convincing. It serves as an end for the writers.

The two come together inorganically, reducing their believability together. Moreover, the time between Sole and Fernan is far too short of establishing a connection. It also has no tangible consequence for the narrative at all.

You want to remain up-to-date on what is going on in Sky High. This gives you the ability to anticipate what might happen next. For most parts, we don't have a clue why Mercedes went to visit Poli in jail, or how Sole is being built by Mercedes. This too comes from a lack of clarity on how to connect the dots.

None of the brief heist sequences matches the quality we saw in the film, at all. The animation on these is dull and the sequences are unnecessary and redundant. For the film, the longer heist sequences were its primary focus. That just does not translate into the television series, adding to the slew of disappointments.

The series generally relies on clichés and genre conventions to move the narrative forward. Even if you have seen the much superior prequel film, this is an easy skip.

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