Todd Downings was arrested for a DUI last year in a new video

Todd Downings was arrested for a DUI last year in a new video ...

Todd Downing, the former Titans offensive coordinator, is seen admitting to drinking alcohol prior to his DUI arrest last year in a recent video.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about the game.

Todd Downing was arrested for DUI last year in a new police video released by TMZ Sports.

Downing was sentenced to death for driving under the influence and speeding near Nashville on the 18th of November 2022.

Moreover, the incident occurred just hours after he assisted the Tennessee Titans defeat the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

A Tennessee Highway Patrol officer interrogates the 42-year-old in the body cam footage.

Despite his coach stating that he went over the speeding limit because he 'got a death threat tonight,' he wants to return to his family.

After an officer asked him about the smell of alcohol coming from his vehicle, Downing initially said he had not been drinking.

'I had a victory beer in Green Bay,' he later corrected the story.

Downing was eventually found guilty of DUI after failing several sobriety tests.

Downing also called a member of the Tennessee organization when he was forced to sit in the back of a squad car. He continued to inform the person of the incident.

'Hey, man, I was rushing home and I was arrested for DUI. I was panicking because I was afraid for my family,' he says.

Todd Downing has been confirmed as the team's'main voice' in the Jets' quarterbacks room recently by Robert Saleh.

Saleh made the announcement while attending the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Later, he praised his new passing-game coordinator.

'Todd Downing,' he said, bringing him from Tennessee. He said that, as a quarterback, he was with (Matthew) Stafford in the early years of his career.

'He was with Derek Carr throughout his career, and obviously with (Ryan) Tannehill during (Tannehill's) resurrection,' he continued.

'He comes with a wealth of knowledge of quarterback play, so he'll be a God rest his soul,' Saleh said, 'In terms of running the quarterback room and being the main voice in that regard,' she said.

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