Pleterski, the son of Aiden, was reportedly kidnapped for $3 million in ransom

Pleterski, the son of Aiden, was reportedly kidnapped for $3 million in ransom ...

Aiden Pleterski, a self-proclaimed "Crypto King" from Canada, was allegedly kidnapped, tortured, and held for a $3 million ransom.

Here's all you need to know about it.

Aiden Pleterski was supposedly kidnapped in December 2022, according to a court in Ontario.

Pleterski allegedly fleeced investors for more than $40 million, according to the CBC.

Various investors allegedly kidnapped the 23-year-old and demanded a ransom of $3 million for his safe return.

In a lawsuit filed in March 2023, Pleterski's father, Dragan Pleterski, claimed that his son was kidnapped by some of his investors in December 2022.

'He was taken.' He said, 'They basically held him for three days, drove him around different, different sections of southern Ontario, beat him, tortured him, and permitted him to make specific phone calls to particular people only.'

Darüber hinaus, Dragan noted that the unidentified perpetrators have stated that they intend to wreak havoc on Pleterski in the future.

'He was released with the promise that he would need to pay some money quickly, and if he had gone to the police, there would be a lot more trouble,' he added.

Aiden Pleterski, a 23-year-old social media influencer based in Ontario, Canada, is a self-proclaimed crypto-investor.

Pleterski is accused of scamming investors by using his social media to appear as richer and educated than he is.

The pair then continued to state that everything in Pleterski's intention to defraud people was included.

Pleterski claims to be the owner of AP Private Equity Limited, which he claims to have used to infiltrate investors in his foreign investment plot.

Although the law enforcement discovered that his wealth accounts were mostly exaggerated, he claimed to own other investment firms.

Pleterski admitted to having had an initial problem for him in November 202. He reportedly lost his investments when the crypto market went down.

He revealed that he took some aggressive measures to regain the cash and pay off other investors.

'I essentially attempted to redeem myself,' Pleterski said, but evidently in doing so, greed took over.

'I was attempting to make profits that were either unfavorable or simply unimaginable at the time,' he said.

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