Matthew Macfadyen's Height How tall is Tom Wambsgans, the star of Succession?

Matthew Macfadyen's Height How tall is Tom Wambsgans, the star of Succession? ...

Jesse Armstrong's American black comedy-drama television series aired on HBO on June 3, 2018, and follows the Roy family, the owners of Waystar RoyCo, a multinational media and entertainment company, as they attempt to take control of their business while coping with Logan Roy (Brian Cox)'s dismal health. The show's fourth and final season will air on March 26, 2023, after a more than one year's hiatus.

Have you ever wondered why Tom Wambsgans, a character in Succession, appears taller than the others? Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Tom, is quite tall. While other co-stars on the program are also impressively tall, none quite match up to Matthew Macfadyen's massive stature.

Matthew Macfadyen's Height: What Is His Height?

Matthew Macfadyen, a talented actor who has starred in numerous successful films including Pride and Prejudice and Succession, is well-known for his height. According to TV Acute sources, Matthew stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches, which adds to his impressive onscreen presence.

J. Smith-Cameron is the shortest actor in the Succession cast and is well-known for her roles in films like The First Wives Club and Harriet The Spy. Despite her petite stature, she is an accomplished actress who enriches Gerri Kellman in the series.

Tom appears tall onscreen, but he isn't nearly as tall as his co-star Nicholas Braun, who plays Tom's partner in crime on the show. Nicholas, who plays Tom's partner in crime on the show, measures 6 feet 7 inches, according to the actor, who has starred in Sky High and The Benefits of Being a Wallflower.

Nicholas claims that his enormous stature has made it difficult for him to land roles, as many are intimidated by his massive presence. Nicholas has even gone so far as to fakely state to be shorter than 6 feet 7 inches during auditions.

Nicholas Braun has had an outstanding acting career thanks to his outstanding performances on numerous TV programs and films such as Succession. Fans can anticipate seeing him and Matthew Macfadyen reprise their roles for the final time on HBO's fourth and final season scheduled for March 26, 2023.

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