Dear Edward: 5 TV Shows to Watch

Dear Edward: 5 TV Shows to Watch ...

5 Must-See TV Shows Like Dear Edward Listed Below.

Dear Edward is a story about Jason Katims, who is both slickly produced and wears his heart on its sleeves.

The central theme of connectivity among those who are hurt as a result of a plane accident is similar to those from other well-known films, but is filtered through Katims' primary concerns of heartfelt emotion and trying to make you cry every five minutes.

Ready Steady Cut has five recommendations for you that you might like or who are interested in other shows of the same nature, some even created by Katims.

5 Must-See TV Shows Like Dear Edward

Friday Night Lights was able to be one of the finest series on the air during its run, but also one of the most underrated, constantly facing cancellation despite critical praise and a small but loyal audience.

The way Katims and his storytelling work is a subtle naturalism that almost feels the opposite of Dear Edward's intense dramas, but it's also infused with a delicate sweetness that allows you to either break your heart or make it soar like nothing else ever done on screen.

Parenthood, a second attempt at bringing Ron Howard's 1989 film to the small screen, was characteristic of Katim's ability to bring together a well-chosen ensemble cast and play out scenes that could vary from mild to profound.

Although its scope was smaller than his last series or Friday Night Lights, it was nonetheless a series that found many of its greatest moments in some superbly played character dramas amongst its perfectly chosen lead cast that included Mae Whitman and Lauren Graham.

The iconic sci-fi drama looms over any TV series that deals with the impact of an airline catastrophe. J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof's iconic sci-fi drama

Lost is a very complex series, not to mention it is set on a desert island. It does share Dear Edward's ability to command a large ensemble cast and storytelling that is sometimes contradictory in its portrayal of the human connection.

Manifest is a sci-fi series, although it is different from Dear Edward in that it deals with the ramifications of an airline disaster through the prism of central characters trying to piece together the puzzle after the event.

The difference here is that it deals with characters who disappeared mid-flight but returned years later in a rather unusual sci-fi plot. Occasionally daft, it's also engaging. Like Lost and Dear Edward, it's abounding with knowledge and wisdom.

While Katims was not involved in This is Us, it feels like something within his wheelhouse of presenting large emotional beats to an enthusiastic ensemble cast and sustaining it as a long-running television series.

One of the most popular series to air in the United States in recent years; some might dismiss it as being sentimental and manipulative; nevertheless, there's no denying that it's very effective in what it does, and the twist revealed in the very first episode was a genuine surprise.

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