Silent Hill 2's Bloober Team has big ideas, according to the developers

Silent Hill 2's Bloober Team has big ideas, according to the developers ...

Bloober Team, a Polish game studio, has developed in recent years. It took only ten years to evolve from a small independent developer to a horror company. The board of directors, according to the press, is developing a remake of Silent Hill 2.

Silent Hill 2 is widely regarded as one of the most important psychological horror games ever. This is why Konami has hired the horror experts from Bloober Team to remake the game. The studio has repeatedly demonstrated in the past that it is experienced in the horror segment.

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Silent Hill 2 should only be the beginning, according to Bankier's CEO. They have big plans for the studio's future. Accordingly, one always wants to sell at least ten million copies of future horror films, according to industry legends like Naughty Dog.

However, Babieno further stated that this quantity of units sent is "soon real" for the Bloober Team. He did not elaborate further. The agreement with Konami is a significant event.

There are other goals to meet: to be the largest studio for horror games by 2027. "To be the best horror house we must focus on more releases and release more than one game every year and a half to two years," says Babeno.

Bloober Team does not desire to be bought under any circumstances. It's simply too important to Babieno and his team to achieve this goal.

Teaser Trailer for Silent Hill 2 Remake

Silent Hill 2 is getting the long-awaited remake, which was developed by the Bloober Team.

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