John Wick sculpted a real armored outfit

John Wick sculpted a real armored outfit ...

He will hold the bullets, but John may still rupture his ribs.

The Hacksmith Industries team aimed to create a bulletproof suit that allows Keanu Reeves' hero to survive in the most dangerous shootouts. Engineers and tailors more or less succeeded.

The masters were guided by the scripted models as they created the costume. An armored garment should not be distinguished from an ordinary garment; you should not expect absolute protection, since it should be protected from pistols, submachine guns, and edged weapons.

Several dozen tests were required to determine a suitable combination of materials. In most instances, the material did not stop the bullets or did not extinguish the majority of the kinetic energy.

The masters opted for a 16-layer fabric and Kevlar veneer as a result. The resultant "sandwich" was roughly 3.4 millimeters thick.

The suit was indeed capable of stopping bullets from a pistol and a submachine rifle, fired almost at point blank range; True, not the maximum protection class.

It is true that it was still not possible to achieve complete kinetic energy absorption. Maybe the bullets would not strike John's body, protected by such a suit, but his ribs might still be broken.

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