Windows 11: How to Get Rid of Applications That Launched Before Launch?

Windows 11: How to Get Rid of Applications That Launched Before Launch? ...

How to delete applications that launch during the start of Windows 11?

Published on 03/27/2023 at 10:20

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Windows 11 offers many functions that are equally useful to others. However, sometimes certain applications are not necessary for some people. So how can you ensure that they are not opening automatically when your PC starts?

On Windows 11, many programs will launch when the machine starts up.

Windows is enhanced with a variety of tools as and when it is released. Now Windows 11 is more powerful and stable than ever, and will become even more so in the future.

The latest version of Microsoft's operating system allows you to access many functions that are already installed on your computer. The same applies to some apps you may download, like Steam or Discord, that may start automatically when your computer is booted.

Applications that you have yourself installed on your computer generally give you an automatic start in the software options. However, some of us have to hand them off to avoid them opening.

Windows has obviously taken care of everything, since there is a way to prevent all of these programs from opening.

Clarification: certain software that opens automatically is required for the proper functioning of your computer. We can talk about software that manages the sound of your PC or even laptop customization software. If you're worried, stop autostarting only software that's causing you problems.

Accuracy is a top priority for us.

This tutorial was developed in the month of March 2023. Some topics may change depending on the Windows 11 updates.

Simply right-click on your taskbarat at the bottom of your screen to start.

The "Task Manager" is a very handy program for many things, but it will also be useful to us here in order to prevent certain software from opening automatically at startup.

All the software and background applications that are running on your PC will be highlighted in the first menu. For today, we will not dwell on that.

Now, you must click on the "Starter apps." Here, you will notice the unsavory software that starts automatically when Windows 11 begins.

To see which software is automatically opening or not, click on the "Status" tab.

Some applications require more CPU power than others, and this can be seen in particular thanks to the term "Impact of startup," which can vary from "Low" to "High" according to the opening time software. Theoretically, your computer will boot faster by deactivating certain programs' autostart.

Select the application you don't want to launch at startup, and click on "Disable" at the top right of the screen.

You may do the opposite and activate the application's automatic start.

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