Is the Bloober Team on par with Naughty Dog? Silent Hill 2's creators have big ambitions

Is the Bloober Team on par with Naughty Dog? Silent Hill 2's creators have big ambitions ...

Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno discussed his studio's future in an interview with Bankier. They are working on exciting projects and intend to sell over ten million units from future productions, according to Babieno.

In October 2022, Bloober Team announced that the Polish development studio is working on a remake of "Silent Hill 2."

The directors of Bloober Team anticipate the next big step in their cooperation with Konami, according to their own statements. According to Babieno, the studio's intentions increase with the popularity of Bloober Team.

"One can assume that ten million copies sold are a substantial amount of work for us," said the CEO of the Bloober Team.

By 2027, will you be the leading horror designer?

Despite the increase in sales, the Bloober Team has internally stated that it intends to become the leading developer of horror games by 2027. Further games should be developed in the future and a high quality standard should be maintained.

"We need to increase publishing activity and develop more than one game a year and a half or two a year," Babieno said. "In the future, we want our titles to be milestones for the genre and the entire industry."

Babieno stated that his studio is not in danger of being taken over by a larger publisher. Instead, the Bloober Team enjoys its creative independence and plans to continue to concentrate on "psychological horror stories" over the next few years.

More information on this topic is available here.

The Bloober Team is currently working on a remake of "Silent Hill 2" and "Layers of Fear". In February, a new title will be announced, which will be developed by Draw Distance ("Serial Cleaner"), which is currently named "Project M."

When can we expect the official unveiling of "Project M"?

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