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Tom Barrack Is Not Guilty Of Foreign Agent Charges

Tom Barrack Is Not Guilty Of Foreign Agent Charges

Tom Barrack pleaded not guilty on Monday to charges that he acted. rack, a real estate investor who once owned the controlling stake in Miramax, was arrested last week and held for three days in a county detention center in San Bernardino. He is required to wear an ankle monitor after he was released on a $250 million bond. The bond has a $5 million cash deposit.

He appeared in person at the federal court in Brooklyn. He can't travel outside of New York, Southern California or Colorado. Matthew Grimes, an employee of Barrack's investment firm who was also indicted, entered a not guilty plea.

Barrack has been friends with the former President for a long time. Barrack, the founder and former CEO of Colony Capital, is accused of using his close ties with the Trump administration to advance the UAE's foreign policy goals. In a statement issued on Friday, Barrack thanked the jail staff in San Bernardino and praised their professionalism.

He said in the statement that he wanted to recognize the grace and humanity of the gentlemen with whom he had shared a community. I will prove that in court. The foreign agent and conspiracy charges were brought against him.

He is at large. Barrack bought Miramax from Disney in 2010. He sold the company to beIN Media Group.

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