The Netflix series has been renewed for the final season!

The Netflix series has been renewed for the final season! ...

Netflix is aware that series do not last forever and that someday they will have to come to an end, regardless of how many people they follow them or how much profit they all generate. In the case of You, it could not be any different.

Penn Badgley's personal information had already been revealed. However, as nothing was 100% certain, we never took anything for granted. However, now Netflix has revealed that the You series will be renewed for a sixth season, although unfortunately it will be the last...

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The Netflix series has even been renewed for the previous season!

So, as far as content goes, Joe's likely to continue his new friendship while he's likely to discover that Mariene is still alive. That is, a last season packed with surprising twists where we will end up seeing almost certainly Joe in jail or even dead. After all, we're talking about a serial killer who has to pay for everything he's done...

In addition, we know that this final season will be available on Netflix only in the year 2024. That is, so far there have been no specific release dates on the table. So we can only anticipate further information.

The You series is one of the best known series around the world, and it has to end. Regardless, it has to be enjoyable.

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