Cristina Ferrare: What Has Happened to John DeLoreans' Ex-Wife?

Cristina Ferrare: What Has Happened to John DeLoreans' Ex-Wife? ...

Cristina Ferrare, a well-known name within the entertainment industry, was featured in Netflix's 'Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean,' offering a unique insight into John's life in a different light.

Cristina Ferrare, who is she?

Cristina Ferrare was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in February 1950. Her father, Tavio Ferrare, was a butcher by trade and was married to Renata Ferrare, Cristina's mother. Shortly after, Cristina was approached by Nina Blanchard's modeling agency., who offered her a modeling position.

Cristina made her feature film debut in 1968, playing Linda Kingsley in 'The Imposible Years.' The same year, she appeared in the 1972 film 'Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary,' according to the artist.

Cristina married John DeLorean in 1973, revealing that he was a youthful person who did not want them to think age was a problem. She even co-adopted Zachary "Zach" DeLorean, who was only 14 months old at the time of her marriage and had been adopted by John when he was single. The couple had their first daughter, Kathryn, on November 15, 1977.

Cristina stayed by her husband's side until she confronted him with a Time Magazine issue that featured the automobile executive due to his legal difficulties. She stated that she was surprised when John smiled as he saw the cover.

Cristina Ferrare: What Has Happened to Her?

Cristina divorcing John Delorean in 1985 and married Anthony Thomopoulos on April 21, 1985, two weeks after the divorce was resolved. They have two beautiful daughters, Alexandra and Arianna, and the former is now pursuing IVF treatment.

Cristina has continued to work in the entertainment industry, including as host of OWN's 'Big Bowl of Love,' as well as her involvement in the reboot of 'Home & Family,' which was first shown on Hallmark, and is a New York Times Bestselling Author.

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