Is Lifetimes Home, Not Alone, based on a true story?

Is Lifetimes Home, Not Alone, based on a true story? ...

'Home, Not Alone,' a gripping thriller, chronicles the spine-chilling experiences of a mother-daughter duo Sara Wilson and Jordyn, their 18-year-old daughter.

Sara learns that Colin, the previous owner of the property, is adamant about staying for the time she has. She must now face the pressure of protecting herself and her daughter from the danger she faces in the new house. This and the relatable characters make one wonder if 'Home, Not Alone' is actually true.

Is Home, Not Alone a True Story?

No, 'Home, Not Alone' isn't based on a true story. Adam Rockoff, who has penned a brilliant screenplay from an original story by writers Jeffrey Schenck and Peter Sullivan, has no doubt contributed to the film's plot.

Given the memories and sentiments attached to the property, it is never difficult to move out. However, there have been instances where previous owners have refused to leave the property after the next owners had arrived to move in.

'Home, Not Alone,' a 2019 psychological thriller film about a married couple who are fatally threatened by the previous owner of their abode, turns into their worst nightmare when the previous owner, Charlie, begins to intrigue them and ruin their relationship.

Both Charlie and Colin have complex pasts in their homes, so they have a hard time letting go. Consequently, they attack the new owners and assert their authority in their lives and homes. In the meantime, 'The Occupant,' a crime thriller film, Charlie loses his job and begins stalking the new tenants who have moved into his previous house. Gradually, his intentions toward the family become deadly, and he decides to depose them forever in his house as well as the world.

'Home, Not Alone' delves into real-life situations, and the actors of Sara and Jordyn remind viewers of their love and protectiveness for their loved ones at certain points. Not only that, the actors bring the well-written story further to life with their powerful performances.

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