In Power Book II: Ghost, why did Dru murder Nick the personal trainer?

In Power Book II: Ghost, why did Dru murder Nick the personal trainer? ...

'Power Book II: Ghost,' a part of the 'Power' franchise, is set after the original series and follows Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) who is the son of James St. Patrick or Ghost. In desperation to support his family, Tariq realized he had no choice but to accept his father's legacy.

The next generation of the infamous Tejada family takes control of their destiny in Season 3 episode 2. While the oldest makes his father aware that he has made a terrible error by underestimating him, Dru Tejada (Lovell Adams-Gray) accepts that he cannot live an ordinary existence and causes the death of a man who means absolutely nothing to him: Nick, a personal trainer at the Weston family's Wall Street business.

What Was the Reason for Dru's Assassination of Nick?

Tariq wants to be as far from the drug business as possible. Brayden argued that he was the head of the entire operation, and he did so as well. Noma, a British lady who works in New York, describes Mecca as her boss and fiancée, eventually convinces her that she can use them as distributors for her product.

Tariq continues to need credits while he is still in court against Rashad Tate. He convinces him to include him as an intern in his campaign. However, when he arrives for his first day at work, Rashad discovers that he has replaced him with another.

Brayden promised Rashad financial help from his family to have him terminate him even before he began working for him. Tariq eventually agrees to intern at a Weston financial business, contrary to what he's told him. However, his brother helps him understand why it might benefit his company.

Brayden suggested that the company sell their products to the firm's employees and other Wall Street businesses, recognizing that Brayden was right.

Tariq and Brayden focus on personal training before they can get rid of Nick, who is an existing trainer. They reach out to Dru, who had his heart broken by Everett earlier. He accepts that he is not going to get out of this business.

Dru follows Nick as he leaves work and shoves him in front of an oncoming truck. Tariq and Brayden lose their lives, and their business cards are left in the lockers of all the employees.

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