In Power Book II: Ghost, how did Cane discover that Lorenzo killed Zeke?

In Power Book II: Ghost, how did Cane discover that Lorenzo killed Zeke? ...

'Power Book II: Ghost,' a Starz crime-drama series created by Courtney A. Kemp, follows Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) into a new life away from the world of crime.

Lorenzo "Cane" Tejada Jr. (Woody McClain) is one of the most fascinating characters in 'Power Book II: Ghost.' People often misunderstand how deceptively intelligent and dangerous Cane is as Cane learns that his father killed his half-brother Zeke.

What Happened to Cane in Finding Out Lorenzo Killed Zeke?

Cane's relationship with Lorenzo Sr., is far from perfect in this season. Lorenzo learned that his son agreed to kill him on Mecca's orders and Monet's instructions. Cane is surprised by his mother's instructions but continues to accept the task.

Monet is still devastated by Zeke's death. Lorenzo hasn't told his wife what she'll do if she knows the truth. Nevertheless, he must give Monet someone who can genuinely pass off as Zeke's killer.

Cane tortures two crew members who were on Mecca's private jet with a blow torch until one of them declares that the man was bald and the other one declares that the other tail light was damaged. Since then, Lorenzo has tried everything he can to conceal his crime, with mixed results. In this episode, Lorenzo discovers that Lorenzo murdered Zeke.

Cane wraps his arms around his father and refers to him as an idiot in a more colorful language, while revealing his true intentions. Lorenzo admits what really happened that night.

Cane is the oldest son of Lorenzo and Monet, but his parents never considered him as their potential successor because he was always too impulsive and unstable. It also shows that if he isn't given the leadership of his family, he will strike back.

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