Rachel Alvarez: What Has Happened to Sergio's Ex-Wife?

Rachel Alvarez: What Has Happened to Sergio's Ex-Wife? ...

Rachel Alvarez, the wife of serial rapist and former cop Sergio Alvarez, is featured in Investigation Discovery's 'Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?' She recounts how she survived years of a tumultuous relationship with him and managed to escape months before he was sentenced to two centuries in prison.

Rachel Alvarez, who is she?

Rachel Alvarez said in the episode that her adoption was not a great childhood. The family that adopted her used to travel a lot, instilling a sense of unattachment or belonging. She had always dreamed of establishing a family of her own someday. Lisa Matthews said, "Rachel always desired a stable family."

While on a college break in Yolo County, California, reminisced about meeting Sergio Alvarez, her former school pal, while buying groceries. He was accompanied by her to her car and asked for her number.

Rachel left school and moved in with Sergio in Sacramento on September 25, 1999. They had three children, but Rachel soon discovered Sergio wasn't the charming prince he claimed to be after cheating on her for a year.

What has happened to Rachel Alvarez?

Rachel decided to stay with Sergio, even after he admitted to the affairs. Little did she know the horrors she would be facing a few years later if she didn't know what she'd faced after Sergio's 2014 trial. She claimed she was physically, verbally, and mentally abused her in their 18-year marriage and the West Sacramento police department for covering the domestic troubles.

Rachel claimed, "He threw me on the couch, choked me with one arm, and beat me on my face with my other arm...he liked it." According to sources, she left with her three children on January 3, 2013, two months before Sergio was apprehended. He said, "I had no clue things were going south."

Rachel feared for her life in the days leading up to his trial. allegedly, Sergio sent her a letter from prison on February 26, 2014, days before he was sentenced to 205 years in prison.

Rachel is grateful she was able to escape with her children and her abusive former husband would be sentenced to life in prison. She lives in Florida and works part-time to raise her children.

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