Where is Seeking Brother Husband Shot?

Where is Seeking Brother Husband Shot? ...

'Seeking Brother Husband' is a reality series created by TLC that examines the lives of four polyandrous couples and trios as they strive to establish meaningful husbands in their family. Along the way, the couples and trios go through many difficulties as they attempt to make some life-changing decisions and alter their existing boundaries.

Kenya and Carol, Mike and Elisa, Kim and Dustin, and Chara and Patrick, are four different couples who are at different stages of their relationships, looking for different things in their new husbands. The show unfolds in various settings, with the duos and future trios going about their lives in their respective residential cities!

Looking for a Brother Husband who will film a film there.

'Seeking Brother Husband' is shot in California, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia, in particular in Los Angeles, Houston, Asheville, and Atlanta. Now, without wasteing any time, let's go through each couple's journey and discover all the specific locations that will be featured in the TLC series!

Los Angeles, California

Various sections of 'Seeking Brother Husband,' especially involving newlyweds Elisa and Mike, were shot in and around Los Angeles, with the production team following the couple as they go about their lives.

Houston, Texas

Kenya, Carl, and Tiger were shot in and around Houston, which is where the trio lives. There are several famous sites throughout Season 1, including the Theater District, Chinatown, the Mahatma Gandhi District, the Downtown Aquarium, and the Space Center Houston.

North Carolina's Asheville is a city.

The filming unit of 'Seeking Brother Husband' has set up a camp in and around Buncombe County, Asheville, in which Kim, Dustin, and Vinson will be recorded in and around several locations in the film. Some of these include The Arras, Blue Ridge Parkway, Grove Park Inn, and the Jackson Building.

Atlanta, Georgia

For season 1, the production team traveled to Atlanta, their residential area, which bears the same name as the major US cities. You may notice the trio as they traverse the city.

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