What Was Season 4 of Succession Do you think?

What Was Season 4 of Succession Do you think? ...

The Roy family's satirical black comedy-drama series 'Succession' revolves around Logan's current owner, Waystar RoyCo, who is vying for his life. The rest of the family members are in battle to take control of the business following Logan's death, as the Roys contemplate how their lives might alter if the transaction is finalized.

The main cast of 'Succession,' including Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin, Nicholas Braun, and Matthew Macfadyen, continue to play their roles, as well as Alexander Skarsgrd, Alan Ruck, and Nicholas Braun. It's quite possible that you might be curious to know where 'Succession' season 4 was shot!

Season 4 of Succession is filming at a number of different locations.

'Succession' season 4 was shot in New York City, Norway, and California, particularly in New York City, Mre og Romsdal, and Los Angeles County. As per reports, the fourth round of the family drama series began in late June 2022, and concluded in February 2023!

New York City, New York City

For the fourth season of 'Succession,' New York City remained the primary filming location due to its familiar locations. For instance, 28 Liberty Street served as the exterior of the Waystar RoyCo, while the interiors were shot in World Trade Center towers 4 and 7. For the shots of Logan's house, the American Irish Historical Society on Fifth Avenue.

Silvercup Studios in Queens borough, New York City, houses 23 different stages, production facilities, and fully-equipped lighting and grip departments, making it suitable for TV, film, and commercial productions. According to sources, the film studio also used the facilities of Kaufman Astoria Studios at 34-12 36th Street to record several scenes for season 4.

The 'Succession' production team has also set up a camp at several other locations to film the fourth installment's interior as well as exterior scenes. They are: Peter McManus Cafe at 152 7th Avenue, Nougatine by Jean-Georges at 1 Central Park West, The Mark Hotel at 25 East 77th Street, and Pier 17 at 89 South Street.

Norway's Mre og Romsdal

The filming crew of 'Succession' traveled all the way to Mre og Romsdal to shoot the main scenes involving Lukas Matsson at the summit. The show's main characters include both Romsdalsgondolen and Atlantic Ocean Road in several key scenes.

California's Los Angeles County

The cast and crew members of Season 4 of 'Succession' filmed locations in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

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