Skyler Moore: Where is Crystal Taylors Killer now?

Skyler Moore: Where is Crystal Taylors Killer now? ...

Although September 2001 was a horrific month for the entire country, things soon became more important for the Taylor family of Hawthorne, California, for a much different reason. After all, on the 25th of September, Crystal Taylor, a single mother of two, was shot to death in her apartment complex. Yet for the time being, we've got you covered.

Skyler Moore, who is he?

Skyler's most commonly used term is "thug," referring to his unabashed loyalty to the East Coast Branch of an old Southern California Gang. Despite his ignorance, he nonetheless committed to targeting Crystal in the hopes of enhancing his reputation. Derek Paul Smyer, his ex-boyfriend, left him a single note explaining why he did not want the child.

Skyler first saw Derek on the basketball courts at Anderson Park in Redondo Beach, only to quickly accept the chance of being a hitman to prove his mettle. According to reports, the Gang member then canvassed the area around Crystal's complex, unaware that one of her sisters had seen him and made sure to remember him because he seemed completely out of place. There's also the fact a couple of witnesses had caught a man fleeing the scene just moments following the 27-year-old's shooting, leading to

Crystal's perpetrator was no longer a young African-American male with a modest appearance, a dark complexion, and a scarf wrapped around his head, according to Skyler, who later admitted to cold case detectives in the unrelated August 4, 2001, homicide of 23-year-old Joseph Hernandez.

Derek declared in his official statements that he wanted his ex dead because she was "trying to kidnap him" with her pregnancy in order to obtain support or a massive financial gain. Despite the fact he'd previously vehemently denied involvement in the matter, he later recanted his entire confession, which both men had been officially charged for their crimes.

What Has Happened to Skyler Moore?

Skyler and Derek were apprehended for their roles in the double murder of Crystal and her unborn son in 2011, but justice was never revealed until 2017. This is because it was only then that the duo could stand separate prosecutions at the same time, with the latter seeking the death penalty. However, eventually, for two counts of first-degree murder plus one count of conspiracy with the circumstances of lying in wait and multiple murders, he was handed a life sentence without parole.

According to Skylar, the 41-year-old is currently imprisoned at the maximum security Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, Amador County, after his previous appeal was vetoed outright.

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