Sergio Alvarez: What Has Happened to the Serial Rapist?

Sergio Alvarez: What Has Happened to the Serial Rapist? ...

'Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?: Knock-Knock, Evil's Here' chronicles how Sergio Alvarez, a former officer of the West Sacramento police department, manipulated many women into having sexual relationships with him in California. He was detained in 2012 after his victims revealed their testimony.

Sergio Alvarez, who is he?

Sergio Alvarez worked at a grocery store in West Sacramento in Yolo County, California, in the winter of 1994. Rachel said she became intrigued when the attractive young man showed her her number.

Sergio and Rachel remarried shortly after the latter leaving the college. Despite his achievements, she continued to pursue a career in Nevada, where he remained mute. He was never convicted of sexually abusing one of Rachel's pals until she filed a lawsuit against him.

Sergio was introduced to the West Sacramento police force on September 25, 1999, after a brief stint. His local connections and his Spanish-speaking abilities made him an appropriate candidate for a police organization attempting to establish more trust with residents.

Rachel talked about receiving an anonymous email from a person who claimed that Sergio was engaged in multiple affairs behind his wife's back. When confronted with the evidence presented in the email, Sergio initially denied the charge, but eventually relented. Rachel resolved to keep the family together after her heart was broken.

Rachel wrote in her letter to Sergio's criminal trial that she began to wonder what had happened to the once-adored father of their three children. Around this time, Sergio was leveraged his badge and authority to enslave many women to please him sexually while working the overnight shift on West Capitol Avenue, a one-time Las Vegas strip lined with low-rise hotels that rent rooms by the week or the hour.

What Has Happened to Sergio Alvarez?

Sergio met his first victim, Terri G., while she was walking to her friend's house at about 4:00 am. The cops discovered the presence of her DNA inside the backseat of his vehicle, although Sergio denied having any sexual contact with her.

Anna pleaded guilty to assaulting Sergio many times since September 2012, despite her wishes. Other victims, Kayla R., Karen N., and Rochelle G., testified how they were forced to please him sexually many times after being threatened with arrests or intimidated by his authority. Court records state he searched for any leverage he had — warrants, drug possession — or detained his victims until they capitulated.

Sergio was placed on administrative leave in September 2012 after a woman claimed against him. According to reports, there were at least six alleged victims, from 20 to 47 years old. Following an internal investigation, he was dismissed and charged. His colleagues at West Sacramento Police expressed their displeasure at Sergio's heinous crimes and their displeasure at his use of his position to oppress and oppress women caught in dangerous situations.

He was found guilty of rape under threat of authority and by duress, as well as of several additional victim sentencing enhancements in April 2014. The 47-year-old is serving his sentence in San Quentin State Prison and will be eligible for parole in February 2033.

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