Resident Evil 4's Stone Pedestal: Where to Find It and How to Get It

Resident Evil 4's Stone Pedestal: Where to Find It and How to Get It ...

In the third chapter of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will discover a stone plinth with a treasure. In this article, we will demonstrate how to open it and solve the riddle.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Hex Pieces

You need to locate three hexagonal pieces to open the stone pedestal, and then make an image from them.

The first hexagon piece will be discovered inside a large chest directly opposite the merchant. He will be encountered on the way out of the Church, after leaving the Quarry.

In the northern part of the Fish Hatchery, where you will go during the third chapter searching for fuel for the boat, you will find the chest with the second hex piece.

During the fourth chapter, you'll need a small cave in the northeast section of the lake. The chest is directly next to the statue from which you take the head of the blasphemer in the story.

What is the process of opening a stone pedestal?

Get in the boat and swim to the stone pedestal in the southwestern part of the lake.

The initial position of the hexagons is shown below.

If you did not twist the pieces yourself, you may complete the picture quite simply. Depending on the difficulty level you are playing on, below are the number of turns you will need to make:

Modes of difficulty: left side 1 time, then top part 1 time; Hardcore difficulty and above: right part 2 times, then left part 2 times, then top part 1 time.

If you already had time to twist the do before you reached the end of the guide, try loading a previous save to restore the details to their original position, or focus on the image below.

A Corrupted Idol Treasure may be purchased from the stone plinth.

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